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DIoGeneS was developed in 2002 and was hosted by the Structural Geology & Tectonics Group (SGT) at ETH Zurich. 
Since August 2020, DIoGeneS is hosted at the  Geoscience Institute at Potsdam University. 





This is the news page of Diogene

August 2020: DIoGeneS moved from ETH to Potsdam University

November 2009: Improved Database design and integrated Google Earth Views

April 2007: DIoGeneS was presented at EGU General Assembly 2007, Vienna Click here for the poster

May 2006: Improved Map links and Google Earth Overlays

January 2005: New layout and functions for DIoGeneS

October 2004: Link of the months by Open University

August 2002: Launch of service

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