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To search the database do the following:

Limit the category by an expression given in the pull-down-menu or leave it blank if you don't want to limit the category.

Click the checkbox of the category which should be listed in the result table (only two categories are listed in the result table). If you don't sort any category, the results will be sorted by default by "natural / experimental" and "scale" category.


sort by

limit to

category      sort by

limit to

  natural / experimental geological area
  primary / secondary search description  
  rock type      
  overprinted structure      

Example: You are looking for images of natural mesoscale Structures in magmatic rocks and you want the result table sorted by primary and secondary structures (like primary folds, secondary faults ...). Limit the "natural / experimental" category to natural, limit the "scale" category to meso, limit the "rock type" category to magmatic and click the checkboxes of the "primary / secondary" category and "structure" category.

Additionally you can search the description by typing any string (Example: search description = tectonic.  The result is limited to images containing the word "tectonic" in the description).

You can specify your selection in the category "structure" by clicking on the Specify button (Example: isoclinal folds).






This is the news page of Diogene

August 2020: DIoGeneS moved from ETH to Potsdam University

November 2009: Improved Database design and integrated Google Earth Views

April 2007: DIoGeneS was presented at EGU General Assembly 2007, Vienna Click here for the poster

May 2006: Improved Map links and Google Earth Overlays

January 2005: New layout and functions for DIoGeneS

October 2004: Link of the months by Open University

August 2002: Launch of service

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